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If you have recently sold your business or moved to another location and no longer require the safe you currently own, give us a call! We buy used safes and can help you decide what to do with the piece of equipment you no longer have a use for! Come visit us at 1001 Union Blvd., Allentown, PA and let us know how we can assist!

Over 75 years of experience helping people just like you! Come see our showroom at 1001 Union Blvd., Allentown, PA!

Don't forget we also specialize in safe repairs and restoration. If you currently have a safe, but it needs some work to fulfill your needs, come see us. We can help keep you from having to buy another by fixing the safe you currently have.

Not looking to buy a new safe?

We can assist you in moving any safe you purchase from us. Don't stress about how you'll get your purchase of a new or used safe to your business or home. Upstairs, downstairs, or anywhere else - if it can be done we can help!

We are your safe-moving experts

Regardless of your needs, we can find the perfect safe or vault solution for you situation. Our showroom has various types of safes and vaults on display, both new and used. You can find the perfect safe within your budget!

No need to buy new, we also sell used safes

No longer have a use for your safe?

We buy used safes too!

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